Pancake Apple Rings

I saw a picture of apple rings on Pinterest a few weeks ago and it sounded like a really good idea, but unfortunately there was no link connected to it. So I just tried to make something that looked similar. This turned out to be like a pancake with an apple slice in the middle. It was something extra than just apple flavored pancakes or cut up apple chunks inside, because it had a little bit of apple texture and crunch inside the pancake.

-pancake mix + eggs or milk that are required by the mix
-about 4 apples would use all the pancake batter, my pancake batter said it would make 14 pancakes

Cut through the apple into slices.
Cut out the center to make rings.
Make the pancake batter according to package directions.
Dip the apples so they are coated in batter.
Make the pancake rings like you would pancakes, with a little
bit of oil. Cook until browned, then flip.

I just picked these up and ate them plain and they were really good that way. I also ate some with a fork and syrup, which were also good. I thought this was a successful recipe overall.

I tried to do this at first with just apple slices, but those did not turn out as well. The pancake part turned out thicker and was harder to cook, a lot of the inside was not cooked, and the pancake part slipped off the apple because it didn't make a sealed pancake like the rings did. The apple slices were a little too thick to eat easily too, but the rings turned out much better.


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