Thai Basil Eggplant Tacos

Sometimes I really struggle with leftovers. I'm only feeding two people and I enjoy leaving the recipes in full form so that Dave and I can have a lot of leftovers for lunch for work/school. However, eating the same thing every day for lunch/dinner gets incredibly boring and repetitive.

Thai Basil Eggplant was the blog from yesterday. This post uses the leftovers from that blog to create a fusion of Mexican and Asian style foods.

I really like the idea of making more posts like this in the future if I'm able to creatively repurpose the dinner leftovers. I think that creating something new out of the leftovers really speaks to the lifestyle that Dave and I are currently living. Sometimes as young professionals it is so difficult to balance work/school/social life and I'm so thankful that we have the opportunity to sit down together for a meal together every day. Repurposing the leftovers just makes everything so much easier.

A Vegetarian & Cooking! original.

-Thai Basil Eggplant leftovers
-Mexican blend cheese, shredded
-Green onions, thinly sliced
-Greek yogurt
-Corn tortillas, lightly fried in olive oil

1.) To make the tortillas, lightly fry one tortilla at a time. Hang the fried tortilla over a wooden spoon handle until almost hardened. This will form a shell.
2.) Heat up your Thai Basil Eggplant leftovers. Fill the each shell with Thai Basil Eggplant, cheese, Greek yogurt and green onion.

These got mixed reviews again. Dave and I both loved the taco idea for using up the leftovers that we had. I still didn't like the Thai Basil Eggplant dish, with a ton of Greek yogurt (to cut through some of the hoisin sauce) these were better. Dave ate most of them because I just didn't want to. Look for more leftover re-inventions in the future, I'll find a better recipe to show case the thai basil.


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