White Merlot Sangria

Whenever we go to visit our friends at their apartment they usually have the meal covered (hello pizza by the pool!), so I usually offer to make some sort of sangria for on the side. Summer is the best time to make sangria because the fruit is incredibly fresh and usually a lot cheaper than in the fall/winter.

Adapted from A Cup of Jo.

-1 (750 ml) bottle white merlot 
-3 tablespoons peach schnapps
-3 tablespoons sugar
-1 cup raspberries
-½ cup cubed watermelon 
-½ peach, thinly sliced 
-5 to 6 thin slices lime 
-Ice, for serving

Mix all of the ingredients in a large pitcher and let chill for several hours. Stir before serving. 

This sangria turned out great. The white merlot was already a little sweet so it didn't need too much extra sweetness. I cut the watermelon pieces a little large, I wish that I had cut them smaller so that they were easier to get out of the cup. Overall, this was widely enjoyed poolside. These fruits all soaked up the extra wine nicely and it was a subtly sweet drink, not overpoweringly sweet.


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