Egg & Cheese on Onion Poppyseed Ciabatta

I'll be out of town this weekend with no internet so you'll have to check back on Sunday for a new post!! I promise a variety of delicious recipes for the upcoming week. 

As discussed in a previous post I am in love with Panera Bread. One of my guilty pleasures is swinging through by Panera for a coffee and an egg & cheese on ciabatta sandwich -- my stomach loves this habit but my wallet hates it. Here's a spin off of that simple ciabatta sandwich from Panera Bread which is sure to leave both you and your wallet happy.

-Ciabatta Bread (I used Onion Poppyseed)
-White Cheddar Cheese
-American Cheese
-2 Eggs
-Salt and Pepper if desired

Grate white cheddar cheese onto the inside of the ciabatta bread, onto both the top and bottom bun. Add American cheese and heat until the cheese is melted.

Cook the eggs however you'd like -- poached, fried, sunny-side up or over easy.

Add your cooked eggs to the sandwich and top with salt and pepper.

This breakfast sandwich was good, if I made it again I would add more white cheddar cheese instead of American cheese. I think the flavored ciabatta bread really made the sandwich so make sure to buy ciabatta bread with some extra flavor.


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