Grilled Cheese Wheel

Happy 80th blog post!

Brie is one of my vices -- if I see it on a restaurant menu I have to try it. In England we had deep fried brie which was delectable. Now it's time to try brie grilled.

-Wheel of brie
-Olive Oil

Brush the brie with olive oil.

Toast baguettes. 

Grilled on the grates.

Grill over indirect heat for two minutes on each side.

Serve immediately with the baguettes. 

I <3 Brie! 

This was so good! I could hardly eat my dinner because I ate so much of this appetizer. Grilling the brie makes it nice and melted on the inside, and makes the rind easy to eat (yes, you can eat the rind!). This is a must try for everyone to try whenever they grill! 


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