Baconless Lettuce & Tomato (BLT) Sandwich

When I'm not at school, chances are good that I'm serving tables at my restaurant job. If you've been out to eat lately you know that all chain restaurants have an extensive menu of food creations that their chefs have come up with so when someone ordered a BLT last night I was taken aback -- it's not too often that someone just wants a simple meal at a restaurant. The sandwich looked so good when it came out of the kitchen I decided that I needed to put together my vegetarian version for dinner tonight.

This was also a recipe that gave me a chance to go out into the garden before fall hits. 

-Bread (any kind)
-Cheese (any kind)

Toast the bread slices.

Spread the mayo lightly on both slices of bread.

Add the tomato. 
Add the lettuce.
Add the cheese and a dash of paprika.

Sorry for the dark pictures!  It was almost impossible to get good light in the kitchen this evening.

I know paprika isn't typically a sandwich ingredient but I think it gives a nice smokey flavor to the sandwich. This is a meal which is easy to put together with ingredients that most people have in their kitchen. There are bacon substitutes which could be used, but I think a baconless lettuce tomato sandwich is equally worth it for less money and less effort.


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