Halloumi Kabobs

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Halloumi was something I tried while I was in England about a month ago and the amazing thing about the cheese is that it retains it's shape when grilled. The outside crisps up while the inside remains gooey and delicious. The cheese is a little expensive (I paid about 11 dollars at Giant Eagle for mine) I promise that its worth  for not only the flavor, but for the chance to have a grilled dinner that is out of the ordinary.

-Block of Halloumi cheese
-Assorted vegetables for the kabobs (I chose red and green pepper and onion)
-Italian Dressing

Gather your ingredients.

Halloumi, the most important part.

Prep your vegetables by cutting them into small triangles, skewer along with the Halloumi. 

Halloumi will break apart easily (think fresh mozzarella) so make sure to be careful when skewering and cut the Halloumi into medium sized chunks during your prep.

Brush with Italian dressing.


Make sure to rotate the kabobs.

Grilled Halloumi. 

Halloumi was just as good as I remembered it, however, I definitely under grilled the kabob. Mine was on medium heat for 10 minutes and probably needed to go for at least 15 minutes. Remember that all grills are different though so it cook times will vary. What you're looking for is grill marks on the Halloumi and cheese that is both tender on the inside, but firm on the outside. 


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