Pizzelle Cones with Christmas Crack

I really like pizzelles over the holidays, so I thought these pizzelle candy cones were such a good idea. You can see how I made pizzelle's with this pumpkin pizzelle post. For regular pizzelles, I just used extra flour rather than pumpkin puree. For the filling, I made a Christmas version of Halloween Crack we made in October.

-White chocolate chips
-Red and green M&Ms
-Chocolate chips
-Christmas sprinkles
(You can use whatever kind of candy/snacks you want)

When the pizzelles first come off the iron, fold them over one end into a cone shape.
This was a little tricky, but once I got the hang of it, it was easier.
I was plenty willing to eat the ones that didn't turn out quite right.
I tried to make them as big as possible.
Separately, make the Christmas Crack. Crush pretzels and oreos, and lay them out on a tray.
Cover with some melted white chocolate, and sprinkles the other ingredients on top.
Refrigerate for about an hour.
Break into pieces and put inside the cones.

These turned out really cute. The crack is pretty sugary as you can imagine, but the small amount inside the cones was really good. Pizzelles are always great, and the combination with the crack is great for Christmas.


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