Chocolate Pomegranate Clusters

I can't help but love pomegranate, the tangy taste is lovely and the dramatic origins of the fruit dating back to the Grecian myth of Persephone and her fateful pomegranate seed are hard to ignore (at least for a nerd like me).

Whatever your relation is to this fruit there's no denying that in recent years it has been put forth as a delicious and beneficial  food. Here's a two ingredient dessert recipe developed by Lexie's Kitchen which is delightful. Another benefit of the recipe is it's not only vegetarian, but it's free of many allergens -- you can find the full list on Lexie's blog.

-1 cup chocolate chips
-1 pomegranate

Getting to the seeds isn't too hard.
Cut off the crown end...the end that looks like a crown. 
Make several slices in the sides, not cutting all the way through.
Soak in water for 10 minutes.
Break the sections apart and gently loosen the seeds with your fingers.
Remove the skin.
The seeds should sink and the parts you don't want should float. Skim those out.
You'll be left with just seeds.
Let the seeds dry for a few hours, they cannot be wet at all!
Melt chocolate in a ziplock bag -- I melted mine at 30 second intervals until it was able to be piped from the bag.

Pipe a layer of chocolate, then a layer of seeds, repeating. 

Eat several hours later.

The original recipe says that 20 mini cups can be made from this...I was able to make six regular sized cupcake cups. I had a lot of pomegranate left and I was completely out of chocolate and didn't have any more (I need to work on stocking up my boyfriend's kitchen).

This is also really messy to eat -- at one point my boyfriend told me that I looked like child with chocolate smeared across my face. However, this was also really, really good. The chocolate and the pomegranate go perfectly together and the juiciness of the berries was a delightful contract to the hardness of the chocolate.

I would make this again...with more chocolate and with mini cupcake liners next time.


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