French Onion Grilled Cheese

Happy 100th blog post!! When I started this blog in February 2012 I never thought it would become what it has. I never thought I would be posting once a day and I never thought that I would have such a wide variety of readers. Thank you very much for the support, I'm looking forward to many more posts Vegetarian & Cooking has become such a great hobby for me and I'm always looking for new ways to improve.

French onion soup is probably one of the first recipes that I learned how to make when I was a high school student attempting to find my way around the kitchen. It's finally almost fall here and I have a lot of soup recipes that I'm going to be blogging on Wednesdays including that tried and true vegetarian french onion soup recipe. For now here's this recipe for French Onion Grilled Cheese which my boyfriend found for me to try. You can find that recipe here and you can find their inspiration for the recipe here.

-2 slices of french baguette or french bread
-1 tablespoon softened butter
-enough shredded gruyere (or swiss) cheese to cover both slices of bread
-about ½ cup wine-braised onions
-fresh thyme leaves
-salt and pepper to taste

Wine-Braised Onions
-about 1 small clove garlic per 2 onions
-onions (I cooked 3)
-olive oil
-salt and fresh cracked pepper
-red or white wine

Slice the onions thinly. 
Saute equal parts oil and butter.
Add garlic and saute.
Add the onions. 
They will cook down! Cook for 40 minutes or until golden brown, our onions took 50 minutes.
Once the onions are golden brown add 1/4 cup white or red wine. 
We had red cooking wine handy.
Stir to distribute the wine throughout the onions and cook for 5-7 more minutes.
Butter a slice of bread and top the bread with enough cheese to cover. The bread needs to be in a hot skillet.
Top with onions, then more cheese, salt, pepper, thyme and  a second slice of buttered bread. 
The grocery store was out of Gruyere cheese so I had to use Swiss cheese -- I was bummed about it trust me. This sandwich was good, but if I'm going to take over an hour to carmalize onions then I'm going to make French onion soup too. If you're going to be making French onion soup, just make some extra carmalized onions and whip up some of these sandwiches once the soup runs out -- if your house is anything like mine French onion soup and these grilled cheese sandwiches won't last long.


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