Breakfast Nachos

I found this recipe on Pinterest and immediately went home to recreate it. You can find the original recipe here.

-Oil, butter or cooking spray
-2 eggs
-salt & pepper
-1/4 cup cheddar cheese
-1 cup baked tortilla chips
-any desired toppings: I used salsa, lettuce and Tabasco sauce.

Pour the whisked eggs into a greased and heated skillet.
Scramble the eggs.

Remove from pan and keep on a plate for later.

Clean the skillet and add tortilla chips (this is all still over the heat). 
Top with the scrambled eggs.
And with the cheese. The cheese started to melt a little bit after half a minute - a minute.
Add other desired toppings and serve.
I scaled this recipe back to make enough for one and this serving size was perfect for me. The breakfast nachos are messy, but here's what was left of mine.

That's right...not much. These were so delicious that I texted my college roommate to let her know that I had just made a fantastic recipe. Next time you're looking for an easy meal this recipe is a must try for any meal.


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