Basil Pesto Rolls

I found the inspiration for this recipe on Pinterest, but every recipe called for making the dough by hand so I decided to switch it up.

-2 packages of crescent rolls
-1 package fresh basil

Add the basil and garlic into a blender. I used the entire package of basil and two spoonfuls of garlic.

Pour the oil slowly into the top while blending until the mixture is a liquid.

Spread the pesto onto the crescent rolls.
Place the rolls onto an ungreased pan.
Bake for 11-13 minutes at 375.

These rolls were so delicious. I made 16 rolls for dinner and there were 2 left when we were finished. These rolls were a hit with not only myself, but with J and one of his roommates. The pesto was the perfect addition to the warm bread. The entire recipe cost me less than $5.00 because I already had oil and garlic in my kitchen, this is a perfect way to jazz up a simple side of bread.


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