Limoncello Lemon Cake

I have a confession to make... after I mixed the batter I licked the spoon.  Licking the spoon was only the beginning because the delicious lemon aroma which was coming from my oven made for a long hour while this cake was baking.

You can find the original recipe here.

-2 eggs
-1 cup vanilla Greek yogurt
-1 cup sugar
-1/4 cup canola oil
-zest of 1 lemon
-3 Tbs Limoncello (or lemon juice)
-2 cups flour
-1 1/2 tsp baking powder
-1/2 tsp baking soda
-1/4 tsp salt

-1/2 cup powdered sugar
-1 1/2 to 2 Tbs Limoncello or Lemon Juice (adjust as necessary)
-1 tsp lemon zest

Mix the eggs, yogurt, oil, lemon zest and limoncello together.

Slowing sift in the dry ingredients, until just combined.. DO NOT OVER MIX.
Bake at 350 for forty minutes or until a toothpick comes out clean.

My cake took over an hour for the center to cook. Base the cook time on your oven, I know mine takes longer.
Cool on a cooling rack.
Mix the glaze together and pour over the loaf when cooled.
Or in my case when the loaf was semi-cooled, I really like warm cake so I couldn't help myself.

Slice and serve.
This cake lived up to the taste of its amazing batter. The lemon flavor was light and crisp and the glaze really made the entire cake. The cake is a little dense, but not as dense as the lemon cake from this post from Vegetarian & Cooking! in July. J. really liked the cake too he took half of the loaf home.

Happy Baking! 


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