Ingredients:-4 shots of Margarita Mix
-1 shot of Tequila
-¼ cup sugar
-1 Mike’s Hard Pink Lemonade

Rim a margarita glass with sugar.

Mix the tequila and the margarita mix.

Pour the tequila/margarita mix into a glass.
Open a pink Mike's Hard and quickly turn it over into the glass so that the opening of the bottle is against the bottom of the glass.
It's homecoming at my college this weekend so I needed to put together a fun cocktail because my roommate was back in town. The ingredients were simple and this couldn't have been easier to make. Make sure to tip the Mike's Hard into the margarita quickly so that the drink doesn't overflow...also make sure to fill the margarita glass half-way so that the Mike's Hard doesn't make the drink overflow.

Happy weekend!


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