Fall Leaves Sugar Cookies

Here's an easy recipe that's perfect for fall sugar cookies. This is a great recipe to make today because it's windy and all of the leaves are falling. You can find my Pinterest inspiration here.

-3 sugar cookie packets (butter and eggs)
-Use this recipe for sugar cookies
-Green, Red and Yellow food coloring

After making some Mike-a-Rita's and dinner last night I was not in the mood to make sugar cookie dough, but the link above in the Ingredients will take you to the recipe I typically use for sugar cookies. Instead I just used Betty Crocker Sugar Cookie mix. Mix your cookies and separate the dough into four separate bowls -- color one green, one red, one yellow and one orange using an equal combination of red/yellow coloring. I then put the dough in the refrigerator for like ten minutes.

Use a lot of flour.
Get your dough ready.
Lay out small handfuls of dough in a patchwork pattern.
Use a well floured rolling pin and roll flat.
Using leaf shaped cookie cutters, cut out shapes and bake for 8-10 minutes.
Finished leaves.
More leaves.
I would recommend using homemade cookie dough for this recipe, the store bought dough was way too sticky and it was difficult to make the cookies without a lot of flour. I thought the flour would burn off during the baking, but some cookies came out of the oven with flour still on the bottoms. Also, our cookie cutters were very small, larger cookie cutters would look nicer. Overall this is an adorable recipe for fall -- make sure your dough is soft and not sticky, use larger leaf cookie cutters.


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