The Iceberg

In February, Dave and I hosted a Wine & Chocolate party at our apartment. It was a fun event, we provided all of the chocolate and our friends each brought a bottle of wine to share. As a result, we had a lot of leftover chocolate, so we decided to get creative and use some in a grilled cheese.

-Pound cake
-Jarlsburg cheese
-Lindt dark chocolate chili
-Red velvet milk chocolate

Both sandwiches contained the Jarlsberg cheese, one had the red velvet milk chocolate (which was a local store brand) and the other had dark chocolate with chili (Lindt brand).

Alecia: I had the red velvet grilled cheese, I thought it was good, the Jarlsburg helped to cut down the sweetness of the pound cake and chocolate combination. the vibrant color of the chocolate was fun and remained even during melting. This was a nice, small after dinner dessert.

Dave: I had the dark chocolate chili grilled cheese. The chocolate was even more melted than the cheese. It should have been called a grilled chocolate sandwich. I thought this was good, I'm not too into the sweet grilled cheeses.


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