Elvis' Dream

Celebrate rock 'n' roll with this tribute grilled cheese.

A Vegetarian & Cooking! original.

-Italian bread
-Sharp cheddar cheese
-"Natural" peanut butter
-Vegetarian bacon

Imagine you prepare food for the one and only Elvis, the King of Rock 'N' Roll. His favorite sandwich is a peanut butter and banana sandwich with bacon. He stopped eating pork, so your freezer is full of vegetarian bacon. It's late at night, and he is hungry, but he wants CHEESE.

Elvis' favorite cheese should be American cheese, but you use sharp cheddar cheese, to give the King another strong, contrasting element in his sandwich.

Prepare the ingredients by pan crisping the vegetarian bacon in cooking spray, slice the banana into coins, and slice the cheddar cheese.

Cook the sandwich open-faced at low temperature so the cheese melts and the bread toasts.

The result is the grilled cheese sandwich of Elvis' dreams. The salt level is very good. The sandwich itself was, interesting. I could distinguish each element, and it was filling. The King lives! in this grilled cheese.


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