Pasta Night

Lasagna is one of my favorite foods, but rather than make it, we usually just wait until my mom invites us over for dinner (less work and no dishes to wash for us). This recipe uses a leftover piece of lasagna, we used cheese lasagna, but feel free to use any leftover lasagna that you have in the fridge. To make this even more spectacular we used some of the garlic bread from pasta night as well, the garlic bread is cut thick enough to handle the lasagna.

-Garlic bread with the bottoms cut off,
-Leftover cheese lasagna
-1 cherry tomato sliced,
-Mozzarella cheese
-Basil/romano on top

In an attempt to make this less messy, we heated up the lasagna and put it on a garlic bread piece prior to building the sandwich in the skillet.

Alecia: Very messy, have the napkins ready, it was a little difficult to eat, because it was stacked pretty high. Overall though, the flavors were great and the fresh tomatoes helped to bring additional brightness to the leftovers.

Dave: The best of lasagna night rolled into one.


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