Wine Drunk

It's hard to go through a whole package of bread when there's only two people living in an apartment. Aside from freezing our bread products to make them last longer, we've also taken to getting creative with our grilled cheese bread slices. This grilled cheese uses mini buns for the  bread. We sliced off the top and bottom to allow the bread to crisp up in the pan -- you can use any bread that you would like to use.

-Mini buns
-Sangria jelly**

You can use any type of jelly that you have on hand, we chose to use sangria jelly and I've linked to our recipe for it.

Alecia: Yummy, yummy, yummy. Brie melts the best out of all of the cheeses, I love using it for grilled cheeses. The sangria jelly was sweet and tart and paired well with the brie. This is something that I will be making again.

Dave: Melty and tangy. Dave was not quite as wowed by this sandwich as Alecia was, but that's okay. 


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