The Veggie Pizza

Using garlic bread to make grilled cheese is great, especially if you use the frozen kind. The bread is already soaked in garlic butter, so it has wonderful flavor throughout. It heats very well, but the bread will cook pretty quickly, so take care not to burn it, unless you'd like a little char on it to recreate wood fire pizza taste.

-Garlic Toast
-Green onions
-Pasta sauce
-Roasted red pepper
-Fontina cheese

Alecia: This sandwich was very good, the bread got a little burnt, but it made it more like pizza crust. The filling was amazing. If I closed my eyes, I would have thought I was eating a pizza, or maybe a calzone.

Dave: I burned this a little, while I was cooking it in the pan. But overall it wasn’t too bad, it had a little bit of chard taste. 


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