Grilled Cheese Salad

When we were discussing ideas for grilled cheese sandwiches last year Dave wanted to make a ton of mini grilled cheese sandwiches and toss them together to form a grilled cheese salad. I changed that idea a little to create grilled cheese salad croutons to be served on a bed of greens with a creamy asiago dressing.

-Italian Bread( no crust)
-Munster cheese
-Mixed greens, for serving
-Asiago Peppercorn dressing, for serving

The cheese + honey go inside the sandwich. The parsley is sprinkled in the pan with the melted butter so that the bread with pick up the parsley flakes.

Once the sandwich is golden brown on both sides, use a sharp knife to slice into crouton sized pieces. Add to the top of a mixed greens salad and drizzle with asiago peppercorn dressing.

This is one of my favorite grilled cheese recipes that I've put together. The warm croutons of grilled cheese paired nicely with the cold salad greens. The croutons were both sweet from the honey and savory from the munster cheese which made them pair well with the dressing. This is also a really fun dinner, I like salad, but salad with mini grilled cheese croutons is exponentially better. 


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