Twisted Grilled Cheese

In order to come up with different grilled cheese recipes, I spend quite a lot of time in the cheese and bread sections of the grocery store in order to develop the recipes. I thought that it would be cool to do a "twist" on the traditional bread used in grilled cheese, by using a soft pretzel.

-Soft pretzel
-Swiss cheese
-Cheddar cheese

In order to use the soft pretzel as the "bread" for the grilled cheese cut the soft pretzel in half. You'll want to put the cheese on what used to the "outside" of the pretzel, so that the softer "inside" can get crispy in the butter or oil.

Alecia: Splitting the pretzel to use as the halves made this a little too firm. I was expecting the pretzel to remain soft. The texture wasn't too bad though. I think overall this turned out pretty good, the presentation was fun.

Dave: Novel and fun, had an interesting firmness and a good swiss and onion flavor with a pretzel follow-up. 


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