Everything Grilled Cheese

Havarti cheese has a very smooth flavor, when blended with dill, the havarti helps to temper the dill, so that the flavor isn't overwhelmingly strong. I used the dill havarti in another recipe and because it melts so nicely I thought it would be nice in a grilled cheese sandwich. 

-Everything Italian Bread
-Coarse ground mustard
-Green onions
-Sliced tomato
-Diced dill pickles
-Dill havarti cheese

Alecia: Very tangy, you need to like vinegary tastes. I love vinegary tastes, but if you wanted to make this a little less biting, you could remove the grainy mustard and dill pickles. The dill havarti has a light enough dill flavor, that removing the mustard and dill pickles would help.
Dave: I would eat 1,000 of these


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