Vampire Slayer

Dave and I are both big fans of using garlic in recipes, so when we found roasted garlic cheddar at the grocery store we thought we'd give it a try. We tried a little bit of the cheese before using it and the garlic flavor was pretty intense, so we added a little swiss to the sandwich to help tone down the garlic slightly. 

-Yancey’s Roasted Garlic Wheel (aged cheddar)
-Sourdough Bread
-Plain Chips

Add the swiss on one side of the sandwich and the garlic cheddar on the other, the chives and chips will be in the center.

Alecia: The chips didn’t stay crispy like I would have liked them too. The garlic flavor was incredibly strong, blending the swiss with the garlic cheese helped to cut down on some of the intense flavor. I had mixed feelings about this sandwich. I think a little less of the garlic cheese would have been good. I like garlic, but this was overwhelming.

Dave: It was cool, but the garlic flavor was strong. The potato chips sort of softened.


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