Fire Starter

Both of us like spicy food, but I think Dave enjoys it a little bit more than I do. You can avoid the heat altogether by swapping the chipotle ranch for buttermilk ranch. We created our own chipotle ranch by mixing adobo sauce into buttermilk ranch. If you want to amp up the heat, you can dice up some chipotles and mix them into the sauce as well. 

-Wheat bread
-Havarti cheese
-Chipotle ranch

Alecia: I thought this was good the heat amount was just right, not too spicy. The ranch helped to bring some additional seasoning to the sandwich as well as to cool it down. The chives added a fresh element and a nice bite. The havarti cheese melted nicely, which is always great when you're trying to make grilled cheese.

Dave: A good standard grilled cheese. Creamy, crunchy with a smoky air to it.


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