The a.n.b.

This sandwich is what I see as the perfect grilled cheese sandwich. A thick slather of grainy mustard, smokey gouda cheese and crispy vegan bacon. I like to dip my grilled cheese sandwiches in tomato soup, this sandwich is served with with the Creamy Tomato Bisque from September.

-Wheat bread
-Whole grain mustard
-Tomato slices
-Shredded smoked gouda
-Vegan bacon

Alecia: This is my go to grilled cheese sandwich, rather than make a plain grilled cheese I make different variations of this. The mustard is the best part.

Dave: The vegan bacon and the mustard pair really well together. With the soup, the fresh tomato isn’t needed, but it does add a nice textural element. Soup would have been good with cannellini or kidney beans. 


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