The Bloody Mary

I'm not a fan of the Bloody Mary, if I'm going to have a drink with brunch, I prefer it to be a mimosa. However, I thought some of those flavors would make a yummy grilled cheese and sometimes you just need a shot after your late night grilled cheese snack. Cheers.

-Italian Bread
-Vodka Sauce
-Tomato Slices
-Black Pepper
-Shooter of vodka, optional

Alecia: This was just okay. Tasted good, especially since the sauce was well seasoned. Since grilled cheese isn’t usually seasoned, it was nice to get some complex flavoring. I needed to add more mozzarella cheese, I was running out and as a result, my grilled cheese didn't get as melty on the inside as I would have liked. Also, parts got a little soggy due to all of the wet ingredients.


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