The Hot Mess

Sometimes you need to enjoy a little spice. Our local grocery store sold a habanero jack which promised to be incredibly spicy due to the flecks of habanero pepper throughout the cheese.

-Wheat Bread
-Habanero Jack Cheese
-Roasted red pepper, diced
-Plain yogurt
-Lime zest

To make the lime yogurt combine sauce, combine the lime zest with the plain yogurt. You can add a little lime juice to thin out the yogurt if desired.

Alecia: Had a great amount of heat, not too spicy for people who enjoy spicy. If you don’t like spicy, you might want to use a milder jack cheese that’s not Habanero. The lime yogurt helped to cool everything down and to take a little of the edge off the heat. I was very happy with this.

Dave: Working as intended -- the sandwich came out exactly the way we wanted with the balance of heat and cool, the lime sauce was fun and delicious. I enjoyed eating the sandwich.


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