Beets Me

For this grilled cheese we pulled out my new spiralizer to play with it. If you don't have one you could use apple slices, but I highly recommend that you purchase one. We've had a lot of fun playing with it this month and there will be many recipes featured on this blog that require the spiralizer.

-Italian Bread
-Parmentino Cheese

-Spiraled apple
-Fresh cabbage
-Jarred beets

In order to make this grilled cheese, we cooked it open faced until the cheese was melted on both slices of bread. Then we combined them to form the sandwich. Sometimes if there are too many ingredients on a grilled cheese, cooking it open faced is the best way to ensure that the cheese gets melted. 


Alecia: I liked this, the slaw was tangy and sweet, the cheese which is usually pretty strong alone, was more mellow alongside the assertive flavors and helped to tie everything together.

Dave: I grilled this open faced with cheese on both open sides on low heat with a lid, so that the hard cheese would have time to melt before the bread toasted. It was a warm melt, sour and crunchy and delicious.


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